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An author, who was born in Laxey, has released his tenth book in a series of novels, all based on the Isle of Man.

Graham Hamer is a self-published author who now spends half his time on the island and the rest living in France.

His latest novel is entitled The Platinum Pirate, and marks a landmark step in his ’Manx Connections’ series of novels, where the action either takes place on the island, or engages the Isle of Man in some meaningful way.

’The Manx Connection series of books draw their inspiration from the amazing people and landscape of the Isle of Man,’ said Graham.

’Everywhere I look, I see opportunities to model a novel from our Manx heritage. Castles, Celtic legends, the sea, the landscape and not least, the people. They are good people, the Manx, but I don’t always allow them to catch the bad guys. That would be far too predictable.’

The son of a former Laxey vicar, he began his writing career after retiring from a varied working life, which involved stints as a book-keeper, accountant, database developer, architect, business analyst, builder and pig-herder, and dived into his love and knowledge of the island for inspiration and settings for his novels, the first of which was ’Chasing Paper’.

Other titles include Walking On Water, Devil’s Helmet and Chicken Rock.

For those who know the Isle of Man well, reading about familiar places and learning about some not yet discovered ones is part of the charm and for those that don’t, the books colourful and descriptive prose fires the imagination and paints a beautiful and inviting picture of our island.

’My style varies depending on my mood,’ he said.

’Under the Rock, for example, is just a light-hearted romp through a less-than-likely situation at Peel Castle. The Vicar’s Lot takes a more sombre look at infidelity, religion and revenge.

’China in Her Hand is a tale of intrigue and suspense wrapped up in my thoughts about the freedom of sexual expression.

’Often, the inspiration emerges as the story unfolds for me. I try not to limit myself to one chain of thought.’

All of Graham’s Manx Connection series can be purchased through

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