John 'Dog' Callister shares his thoughts on the Bushy's beer tent

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A popular local figure and Manksman through and through, John ’Dog’ Callister was recently raised to the chair of the Manx Bard. Each month he shares one of his poems with us, and explains what led him to write it.

I have known Martin Brunnschweiler for many years.

My mate Dave and I did the major joinery work when Martin was changing the old Yate’s Wine Lodge into the original Bushy’s Bar, sometime during the mid-80s.

We also built the ’gantry’ in the catacombs beneath Bushy’s where he first started brewing his Bushy’s beer.

Incidentally, there were walk ways underneath in the catacombs, and as the tide came in the water level would rise. Fortunately, it would then recede as the tide went out. It never was too high to move around.

Martin has run Bushy’s beer tent for, I think, 20 years on the Bottleneck car park, opposite the site of the original Bushy’s pub, and it was his vision, sheer endeavour and plain hard work that has made it what it is today.

I think he was also instrumental in originally organising the prom entertainment in front of the tent which has included all sorts over the years, such as the likes of the Purple Helmets.

I am not party to all the wrangles that are happening regarding whether Martin is going to lose the spot or not but, if he hadn’t thought about it many years ago, it wouldn’t be happening today.

This, I think, should count for something and not who is prepared to pay the most for the use the car park in the near future!


Read, or sung, if you prefer, to the tune of ’Ellan Vannin’.

When the TT day is over,

you want music and good beer.

Then it’s off to Bushy’s beer tent,

Like you’ve done for twenty year.

A Mecca for all racers,

a place where bikers want to be,

Our own dear Bushy’s beer tent, on the prom beside the sea!

You can hear the wavelets murmur,

you are right beside the shore.

In the Bottleneck car park,

it’s a place where fans adore.

Martin and his willing workers,

they’ll go down in history.

Our own dear Bushy’s beer tent,

on the Prom beside the sea!

There’ll be mem’ries sweet and tender,

reminding us of those past days.

And the nights packed to the gunnels,

Please don’t let this be the case.

Let the beer tent go on forever,

there for all like you and me.

Our own dear Bushy’s beer tent,

on the prom beside the sea.

My own dear Bushy’s beer tent,

Highlight of the fans’ TT,

God bless thee Bushy’s beer tent,

On the prom,

beside the sea!

By John ’Dog’ Callister


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Bazil57 · 4 days ago · Report

Was that poem written by a child.. what utter dross..

Noggin · 4 days ago · Report

"Manks" is a very old spelling form of "Manx". A bit quirky to use it in this day & age, but so what?

Angie · 4 days ago · Report

I thought 'Manksman' was wrong too. Please could you explain Noggin? Interested.

Sulby Knight · 4 days ago · Report

Can we have it in Manx too, please Fella??

Noggin · 4 days ago · Report

Nothing wrong with "Manksman". Check your history.

DW · 4 days ago · Report

Manksman ?????.......journalists should be at least able to spell....

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